Lace Hydrangeas and floral fabric

A fabric designer asked me to make a smocked dress for a photoshoot, using fabric from her new designs. Since she asked me I have been planning and thinking and making the dress over and over…………I even embroidered small lace flower petals

And today the fabric arrived. It is beautiful; so delicate; so gorgeous …….. I am actually a bit speechless. She asked for a specific type of dress, but the fabric told me it wanted to be something else, luckily she agreed that I can use my judgement as long as it is flowy and beautiful


It has been washed, ironed. I am decided on the colours of the thread and piping, which is hard this time as I want the dress to be perfect. Tomorrow I’ll look for the absolute perfect pink and purple thread, and purple or pink piping, and pretty white or transparent beads to use in the smocking and for the flowers.

I cooked a big dinner tonight so that we can have leftovers tomorrow – I am going to have a smocking day. How exciting is that!!!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Lace Hydrangeas and floral fabric”

  1. oh wow!!! Your fabric designer friend couldn’t have asked for a better person than you, for this project! Her fabric is gorgeous, and so are your lace flowers! I image it’ll be a bit stressful making the first cut . . . but you are such a talented seamstress. I so look forward to seeing what a unique & beautiful dress you make!

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