Freestanding lace

I had an idea – which meant that I didn’t fall asleep until 2:30 am – because I kept on planning it all out, over and over. Feeling tired this morning, with a huge headache because of lack of sleep. But immediately parked myself in front of the embroidery machine and embroidered a lace butterfly. This one is tiny, only 5cm from the tip of one wing to the other

This was the first time I have tried Freestanding Lace on the embroidery machine, but I am sure it is not going to be the last. Lesson learnt with the first attempt: use at least 3 layers of stabiliser in the hoop, maybe even 4. And keep a very close eye on every single stitch as the stabiliser tears easily

I am going to make a few more butterflies, different sizes, and with a little bit of colour. And these will go on a pretty little dress, with some ribbon and lace. I am going to go totally overboard with this tree and ordered the fabric this morning 🙂 It is a beautiful Bec Williams design, a border fabric



Storms, repairs and dresses

We had huge storms here in New Zealand. Lots of rain and flooding, with very strong winds. In town we had lots of damage, with roofs off and trees down. At our home we thought we got of lightly with only the fig tree ripped from the ground. But when I went to bed a few night ago I could hear knocking every time the wind blew. I first blamed the cats and went to check what they were up to. Just imagine my shock when I saw the whole frame moving away from the house by about 5 cm – I could see the lawn outside the house. And this is a huge frame with windows, about 3m high and 7 m long. We stabilised it by putting heavy stuff against the frame on the outside to try and stop the wind lifting it. I think it would have eventually be blown out, which would have meant thousands of dollars damage, as it is so big. We also had some guttering coming off on the other side of the house

The builders came today and knocked the frame back into position and securing it, They also fixed the guttering

Of course the fig tree could not be ‘fixed’ and we lost the tree and all the fruit. Which is sad because we planted the tree 20 years ago when we came to NZ

Lesson learnt: if there was a big storm, check the house thoroughly for damage!!!!!!

This weekend we are off to Tauranga for the baptism of our friends’ baby girl. I have packed 2 little dresses and some socks and so on as a present for the little girl


I also made another dress and absolutely love it