Shoe bag

I have seen these pretty bags people have made on their embroidery machines and I have been itching to give it a try. I watched the YouTube video about a 100 times, read through the instructions over and over and read all comments and tips in the FB groups. But didn’t have the courage……

Three days ago my son invited me to go to Rome with him, as he was rostered to fly to Rome. He then suggested we visit London and a few other places before I fly to Canada to visit my daughter. My Canadian trip was planned for June/July. When my husband and I discussed it I realised he would have loved to go to Rome. We cannot travel together as we have 4 spoiled animals here at home. I offered my trip to him and he will be leaving for Hong Kong, to start the big travel with our son, in about 10 days

Which brings me back to the ‘shoe’ bag. I want to send my daughter, her partner and my son pressies. But didn’t have a clue what to send to my daughter’s partner and then had an ‘ah ha’ moment………..the shoe!!!!!!

So today was the day!!!!!!! I found the whole experience quite stressful and finished with a bag and a headache. But the next one will be better

I also made my daughter a bag, using gifted leather and denim. And I love it. Embroidered the same panel for both sides of the bag. I love it and I am sure will too