2018 – the year of quilting

It is funny how I suddenly find myself in the middle of four quilts! The cat quilt topping was made last year and then put away. I have now added the batting and done the quilting, just to add the backing and binding and it will be finished! As with the SS quilt I decided to give it a minky backing. The moment it arrives (I ordered the fabric online as we the closest fabric shop to me is nearly 4 hours away) I’ll finish the quilt and it will be ready to be used. Mollie already tested it and I think it has her approval.

The second quilt is the Sweetest Things Sampler QAL. A third of the blocks has been completed and joined. One block a month is released and block 6 will be released in July. In the meantime I am making the Irish Chain blocks. Five done, eight more to go. I have a feeling this quilt will also get a soft and cuddly backing


And then the Splendid Sampler QAL. Block 3 will be released tonight. I am completing the blocks as I go, back and front, and crochet a border around each before joining the blocks

I have another quilt topping completed (Going to the Zoo), it just needs backing and binding. I am definitely planning to complete this quilt soon too, it has been put away since last year.


This is turning into a quilting year, not what I expected at all!


Splendid Sampler 2

Can’t believe block 2 has just been released – we only started with block 1 the other day! I decided to use the Splendid Sampler blocks for a crochet fusion quilt instead of a normal quilt. I usually enjoy making the blocks, but do not enjoy finishing off the whole quilt, and I am not really very good with it. But in the past I enjoyed making fusion quilts. This way I complete each block – with minky fabric on the back of the block and crochet around each block; these blocks can then be joined and I can add as many blocks as I like. With the previous SS QAL I completed just over 50 blocks and used it for a quilt. My aim this time is at least 49, for a 7×7 quilt, but it will be possible to add more if I feel like it. And then crochet a border around it

So here are my first 2 blocks 🙂 The main colour will be blue, with a touch of yellow, green, white and navy; and of course white around all the blocks as well as the border eventually


Sewing the blanket stitch around the block before I could crochet was a huge problem for the first block. I used the same yarn for the blanket stitches and it was really difficult to get the needle through the layers of the block. For block 2 I used DMC for the blanket stitches – it was much easier to do and actually looks better. I am going to leave block 1 as it is, but will use DMC for all the future blocks. I think this is going to be a pretty quilt

Happiness is………

Happiness is when your husband takes a trip around the world to visit the children and travel with them………and comes back with fabric he bought all over the world. And the best part???? He remembered I always buy at least 2 metres to make sure I have more than enough for a smocked dress. And to top it off my daughter sent me a selection of beautiful buttons and her partner sent me a piece of fabric with cameras because I love photography. I think I received the best holiday souvenirs ever 🙂

I completed block 1 for the Splendid Sampler ll. Blue is the colour!




Before totally moving into quilting mode I made a couple of dresses this week. One for a friend who gave me the fabric. And the other just because I felt like it. I have one more already pleated, ready to be smocked

For the blue dress I combined smocking, beads, buttons and the embroidery machine. Love how it turned out

Not totally in love with this one, but I think it came out ok. Hope my friend will be happy with it

Winter is here and poor Mollie is cold. She threw out fabric to make room for herself in the bookcase I use for my fabric


Quilting or knitting?

It is a well-known secret that I don’t like knitting. It is also well-known that I said I have retired from quilting. But I am itching to do something different. And I was tempted when I went on the Splendid Sampler FB group – they are starting Splendid Sampler ll in June. So here I go again! I really enjoyed this QAL when I did it in 2016, and also I didn’t make all 100 blocks I was still very happy with the quilt I made.

So fabric ordered, book ordered…….I am ready for the June kick-off. This is going to be a blue quilt, with a touch of green and yellow


In the process of choosing fabric for the SS quilt, I came across the Sweetest Things QAL 2018 and fell in love with the blocks already published and, as I was now in quilting mode, decided to do this one too 🙂