Travelling – Hong Kong, Tokyo

Over a week ago we made the trip from home to Christchurch, where I caught a plane and travelled to Sydney.


I was going to spend a night in Sydney before flying to Hong Kong but decided to try to get onto the plane which was leaving for HK a few hours after arriving in Sydney – as I was on stand by for that one too. It took a lot of rushing but I made it just on time. Business Class was full, but luckily the Cathay Pacific staff found me a seat in Premium Economy, which meant a bit more room for the overnight flight

My son just landed in HK from New York, as I arrived and waited for me in the baggage collection area. We basically just arrived when he took me to the Fabric Market in Kowloon. I found some lovely fabric to use for bags at about $2 per meter!!!!! I wanted to buy some lace at another stall but the shopkeeper did not like my way of shopping and told me not to waste her time, so I left without buying it. I also found my favourite fruit at the market – lychees

We were barely back at his home when we decided to go to Japan for a few days. The flight left at midnight, so off we went. We flew to Tokyo. He booked accommodation for us in the so-called ‘capsule hotels’. Super comfy beds, but the rooms are basically the size of a double bed. But I have to say – cheap but sparkling clean! We had to wait to be checked in so left our bags at the hotel and went exploring

I also had my first experience ordering food from a menu where I didn’t understand a single word and basically ordered by looking at pictures. Walking back to the hotel I couldn’t believe my eyes …………a fabric store across the street from the hotel. After checking in I immediately went to explore. Found beautiful lace with a cat motif and yes, of course I bought some!

By the time we finally checked in I was exhausted as it was Sunday and I haven’t seen a bed since Friday morning. I slept so well that night. The next day we booked a MariKart trip where you drive through the streets of Tokyo in go carts. I loved it, it was such a great experience!

We also had more amazing food. I bought more fabric 😄 We also visited an owl cafe and a hedgehog cafe. My son worked out the train system and made sure we got to the right places. That evening we ate at the smallest of small restaurants – a very interesting menu indeed. At another restaurant we had sushi – a first for me

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What a country to visit, what a great city. Tokyo was amazing!!!!!!!! Yes, it was HOT, but I loved it there