This blog started at the beginning of a journey into the quilting world. I knew NOTHING about patchwork or quilting. Since then I have made several quilts. The writing evolved into my breast cancer journey, as well as travelling, a catio and lots of other projects. I enjoy keeping this as a journal of things I plan, do and plan and not do….. It is also lovely to look back and read the entries I’ve made since starting this blog – and remember what I did, the dresses I made and all my other projects

I love photography, but haven’t had much time to really focus on it and move past the ‘auto’ stage. From now on I would like to focus on this a bit more. Hopefully I can look back in a few months and see some progress



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sue,
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I did a quick tour of your blog this am….you are an amazing lady, keeping all those projects straight and moving forward. I am suffering from splendid sampler envy, I have printed off every single block but have yet to start one because of the sewing items currently in the queue. I see you had your last treat the end of May, how are things progressing for you? Hope your energy levels are starting to move upward. Sending you good thought and prayers from South Dakota. I love that we can “meet” from half way around the world!

    1. I love the SS blocks, but I simply adore the Bee-utiful QAL! I am happy to say that my energy levels are much better. It helps that it is school holiday, as I am relaxing as much as possible. When I feel tired I can just sit on the couch and embroider. Thank you so much for your lovely message

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