Dresses all made!

I’ve had a very productive week and I love all the little dresses and the two little rompers – but I don’t want to see another buttonhole or button for a very long time. But it is lovely to look back and see what I have done this week, instead of the normal cleaning and cooking (have to admit – I have done NO cleaning this week!). I took a quick photo before the one little romper went to a mum-to-be who is expecting a little boy


I have about another 8 bits of fabric already smocked but will leave it for a little while before making the dresses. The sewing room is a big mess after all the sewing and that will have to be cleaned first. And then the rest of the house 😦


Let’s cook chutney!

I have been threatening to make chutney for weeks now, even bought the ingredients ages ago. Yesterday I decided it is time and prepared the fruit for the chutney, as it had to soak in vinegar overnight

And this morning I cooked it. Bit of a bite. Tip of the day – do not smock while cooking chutney……it might have a little bit of a burnt taste (the chutney, not the smocking)

‘Top of the class’ dress

I have been busy pleating and smocking dresses, but then this one showed up on a blog and I simply had to make it. Luckily we were going to Christchurch this past weekend and I managed to find some corduroy fabric for it

So on Monday I pleated a new piece of fabric, smocked and then made the dress and then copied the first of the embroidery pattern onto the dress. By Monday evening I had two done. This morning I quickly embroidered the third one and finished the lat bits of handwork on the dress. I am happy with this lovely (and unplanned) dress. I managed to find the long sleeve T-shirt at a local shop (for only $4!!!!). The dress has black buttons on the back

It is funny how I used the same diagram for the embroidery, but all the little faces are looking different



After pleating the fabric for the little dresses yesterday I immediately started the smocking on the first dress. I don’t think people realise how quick and easy smocking is. The most difficult part for me is to prepare the fabric by pleating it

This one has been smocked, but I now have to block it and cut out the armholes and neck line, as this little dress won’t get a yoke but is he whole front bodice. I normally block it (by steaming the smocking) when I am ready to sew the dress, so this will have to wait until I have smocked the others

I used very light pink and purple for the smocking, and then pick the darker colours on the fabric for the little flowers


Full smocking mode

I haven’t smocked this year and suddenly just feel like it. Some weeks ago I bought lovely pieces o fabric for dresses and I went into full smocking mode today – sorting out the sizes, smocking, colours, patterns. And spent the whole afternoon pleating six pieces of fabric. All went well until the second last piece of fabric. I thought I’ll do that one quickly as it is a lovely soft fabric, thought it will slip through the pleater. Well no, I was wrong, it was very difficult to feed it through the needles and I ended up breaking seven needles – which, at about $1 each, became quite expensive. Luckily the last piece pleated like a dream

With all six pieces pleated I can now smock as and when I want to. I normally smock quite a few and then make the dresses when I need one as a present