My first baby blanket completed! These are not the colours I usually use and I am not sure why, because it is really pretty. I have some yarn left and will crochet or knit a pair of booties and hat with it


Tuesday already!

Sewing and needlework has been slow this past week as my son, who lives in Hong Kong, came for a quick visit. It was wonderful to have him here. We didn’t do much, just relaxed and did some sightseeing. I worked on the crochet baby blanket and is making good progress with it. About 18 rows left and then 3 rows for the border

I took him back to Christchurch Sunday so that he could catch a flight home on Sunday. I love having my children home

When I arrived home yesterday I was quite tired, it is a long drive over the Southern Alps and you have to concentrate even more than on a normal road. It was also snowing lightly when I came over the mountain. So instead of being active I sat down and started to crochet the bodice of a little dress I wanted to make. It wen very fast and this morning I completed the dress. It is lovely


Baby dress

I fell in love with this little dress when I first saw it – the pattern, the colour, the ribbon – everything. But the problem is that I still cannot read a pattern when I crochet, I still follow YouTube videos.

Luckily………a happy dance when I found it on YouTube!!!!!!! And it was so quick to crochet


I am also making good progress with the jelly roll quilt – busy attaching the cats to the quilt top, using blanket stitch.