Unbirthday parcel

Thank you so much Claire for a wonderful unbirthday parcel. I love it, especially the monster zippy pouch with the paw prints on the ribbon (and my favourite colour!). The postcard went straight onto the fridge. It is so lovely to receive a gift like this, it made me feel special


I started with a little cross-stitch scene while my daughter was here from Canada. I needed something to do while we relaxed in front of the fire and chatted. Finished it now, just have to frame it (I have to admit it is not perfect as all the stitches aren’t crossing over in the same direction all the time – therefore it will definitely not be gifted but will find a place on the wall in my sewing room)

paris cat


Am I crazy or am I crazy?

Started two new projects since yesterday – yes, two in two days! What on earth is wrong with me?

After finishing the lovely little cardigan the other day I was tempted to try another one. But I suppose………who can blame me? Both are so pretty

The one I finished last week:


The one I started yesterday:


Isn’t it just delightful? I also found this cross stitch in the Homespun magazine (May issue) and couldn’t resist:


So during a break from knitting today I gathered everything I needed and made a start 🙂

Pumpkin Passport done and dusted!

Yeah! I finished the table runner, using the Pumpkin Passport design, today! Always rewarding to finish something you have been working on for a few months. I started this at the beginning of October 2016. Absolutely love it (should have ironed it before taking the photos though). People could say it is too much work to then turn it into a table runner, but I like making something I can use and enjoy. (and I used the nun stitch for the hem for the first time – it is so easy and pretty, can’t believe I have never used it before)