Knitting, sewing and cake

This week I prepared more little dresses to be smocked as I still feel like smocking and sewing. You can’t see all of them, but there are seven on this pile. Just have to pleat, smock and make 🙂


I also knitted a jacket and booties for a little boy who was born on Sunday.


But then I was a bit bored last night and knitted a bonnet, which means it is now for a little girl. Will have to knit another set for the little boy


The pattern for the toiletries bag has been saved on my desktop for a very long time – when I found some iron-on vinyl I decided it is time to try it out. Don’t think I’ll make it again, it is so much easier to buy pretty ones in the shops

And my favourite of the week? Chocolate cake





Let’s cook chutney!

I have been threatening to make chutney for weeks now, even bought the ingredients ages ago. Yesterday I decided it is time and prepared the fruit for the chutney, as it had to soak in vinegar overnight

And this morning I cooked it. Bit of a bite. Tip of the day – do not smock while cooking chutney……it might have a little bit of a burnt taste (the chutney, not the smocking)


I baked a cake this weekend. It is a once-in-a-lifetime cake as it has so many different elements and it took me two days to finish it. Friday I baked the cheesecake component and popped it in the freezer


Saturday I baked the three layers of chocolate cake and those went straight into the freezer as well.


Then I made the chocolate frosting and the chocolate mousse. And assembled the cake


One layer chocolate cake – frosting – another layer – more frosting – another layer – chocolate mousse – cheesecake – chocolate mousse on top and around. Into the fridge for 3 hours to set


Then chocolate glaze and white chocolate shavings. The glaze wasn’t 100% – it was too light in colour (I ran out of cocoa) and too thick


And cut it straight away to try it. Oh boy, is this a delicious cake. and the taste improves the longer it stays in the fridge


I won’t bake it again as it is actually really time-consuming, but now I know I can 🙂


Unbirthday parcel

Thank you so much Claire for a wonderful unbirthday parcel. I love it, especially the monster zippy pouch with the paw prints on the ribbon (and my favourite colour!). The postcard went straight onto the fridge. It is so lovely to receive a gift like this, it made me feel special


I started with a little cross-stitch scene while my daughter was here from Canada. I needed something to do while we relaxed in front of the fire and chatted. Finished it now, just have to frame it (I have to admit it is not perfect as all the stitches aren’t crossing over in the same direction all the time – therefore it will definitely not be gifted but will find a place on the wall in my sewing room)

paris cat

Moving! Moved!

After all the packing the moving company picked up my stuff on Monday. I then cleaned the house, packed the car and caught the ferry at 10pm that night, departing Wellington at 2:30am. Because I booked a cabin I could board early and get some sleep, before arriving in Picton at 6am and then driving to out new house 6 hours away


The cats coped well, although they were totally confused by the empty house – they were in the closed bathroom while the movers packed and were surprised to see nothing but floor when I let them out. As I was going to be there for the rest of the day I made us a floorbed (with all the bedding that was on my bed) and we relaxed there until leaving


At some stage they got a bit confused with the empty house and simply sat in the one carrier, waiting for something to happen. Which I found quite funny as Mollie doesn’t like the carrier and never gets into it voluntary


The car was PACKED! Not just with all my stuff, but also 2 cat carriers, a litter tray, toys, food, scratch pole and lots and lots of stuff. (When I saw it all unpacked I couldn’t believe I managed to fit it in one small car). The cats did so well, not only on the ferry, but throughout the whole journey. They were calm, used the litter tray when I stopped and let them out of the carriers and then sleeping happily when we moved on again. It was funny the first time I let them out of the carriers in the car – Mollie jumped to use the litter tray but took a while. Bella walked past a few times, waiting her turn and then simply couldn’t wait any longer and jumped in too. Of course they both can’t fit properly and I couldn’t resist the temptation and took a photo with poor Bella half in the tray and half out 🙂 (Poor Mollie was at that stage also inside the litter tray, squashed in the back of it


At the destination I immediately made the bed with my bedding as I thought it would help the cats to settle, having the familiar smells around them. The youngest refused to leave the bedroom the whole day, hiding under the duvet everytime she heard some new noise. But she eventually started exploring the house later the evening. And early this morning, when I made coffee, she was exploring again with very loud commentary. The other cat knows the house well as she has visited often in the past and simply found a comfy chair and claimed it as hers

So here we are, a whole new adventure started!