Sidetracked again!

After making some key fobs and pencil toppers for the market stall, I once again got sidetracked and embroidered blocks to make a tote bag for a friend. I used the embroidery machine to embroider 12 ‘Fashion Girls’ which will go around the bag to form  big pocket. The great thing is that these are embroidered with 3 layers – 2 fabric and 1 batting. I just had to sew it together. It looks so neat and tidy


Why haven’t I bought a machine years and years ago?


Chicken scratch embroidery

A few years ago – 4? 5? 6? I’m not even sure – I saw chicken scratch embroidery on gingham and I liked it a lot. I then managed to find a book with projects and the ‘how to’ and started embroidering an apron

But I found it a bit boring after a while and packed it away. This morning I woke up and realised my body is having a ‘tired’ day. I needed something I could do without thinking, and without using energy and remembered the apron. And that is what I am doing today – and I am actually quite enjoying it


Of course I am thinking about embroidering a design on it with the embroidery machine too, might even try appliqué, not sure yet. I still think chicken scratch is pretty

Yippee yeah!!!! Something new for 2018

I bought myself a secondhand Brother PE770 embroidery machine! Can’t believe I’ve done it – it was not part of my 2018 plan at all. Yes, I have been looking at embroidery machines but decided against it as they are so expensive. Then this one just happened at a really good price, with heaps of extra stuff thrown in as part of the deal. And the reviews are good. And the previous owner is amazing and will give me a few lessons. And she has a good reason to sell, not because she hates the machine.


A friend and I will be off to Christchurch early Friday morning to pick up the machine, have a lesson and then hit the shops as my friend is looking for an overlocker

Friend also wants to have a market stall at least once in her life and she booked us a stall at the Summer Market in February. Yes, February 2018!!!!!! It is January already and I have about 10 doll dresses to sell. But I can’t have a stall with only 10 things to sell. So for the rest of January I will have to use every single free minute and sew, sew, sew. It is going to be hard with an embroidery machine staring at me, wanting to be used

And by the way, I have NEVER in my whole life used an embroidery machine. Even worse, I have NEVER in my whole life seen one in action. I have no idea how it works – it is going to be a huge learning curve. My sister gave me the good advice to cut squares the same size and use it as practice blocks, and then make it into a quilt at a later stage, so that I don’t waste anything while learning


Bec Williams fabric

I ordered the most beautiful fabric from an Australian designer, Bec Williams. At first I thought I’ll never be able to use it as it is so beautiful.


But after washing it I just couldn’t resist any longer and I made the first dress. I smocked and embroidered the insert in the bodice, but kept it very simple as I want the fabric to be the hero


border dress

I still have two other designs of her fabric for two more dresses, and also ordered another one with kittens in the border. These will be saved for special little girls and special little dresses. To be honest I think the fabric of the one I made today will be perfect for flower girls or bridesmaids

Lavender bags

Not my idea at all, and totally copied everything from the Sum of their Stories blog – but they were so pretty I didn’t want to change anything. Small little presents for special friends, to pop in the drawers or hang in their wardrobes and they smell wonderful – I actually had a proper sneezing fit after filling them with the lavender


And then I had some time left and wanted to try another little pattern I found to make Pocket Pack Tissue Holders – super quick and SOOOO easy to make


A new arrival!

I new little baby girl has been welcomed into our extended family. Little princess Evie made her arrival a little ahead of time, but she is here and she is perfect. I haven’t met her yet, but daily photos are keeping me up to date

The best part is that I am now making dresses with her in mind. Next week my son will deliver a parcel full of homemade dresses and jackets and hats and booties and blankets, when he travels to Sydney to meet this little girl

This week I smocked three little shop-bought vests and made her a little dress, as well as a romper (the green smocking in the vest looks a bit wonky in this photo, but I am not sure why because it is actually straight)

IMG_2329 (1)

Yesterday and today I spent in the sewing room, making a little outfit for a six-year old. I am pretty happy with it. The beads came from an old necklace my daughter had, we actually found it in the garage a couple of weeks ago. I am sure she won’t mind that I used some of the beads for the top and pants (not that I am planning to tell her, of course)

IMG_2336 (1)IMG_2335 (1)

This week I also sold one of the smocked dresses. The first one ever. And the last……..I did not enjoy the experience at all. I always said I do smocking because I love it and will never sell it, I prefer giving it away. After selling one I am never going to again and will continue giving it to whoever I want to. The positive side of the whole experience is that the lady who bought it (as a present for her brother’s daughter) is delighted and loves it. It was the butterfly dress I made a while ago