I live on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, and although this is the biggest town on the West Coast, it is sometimes impossible to buy everything you need/want here. You can’t wake up in the morning and decide to sew something, unless of course you have a big stash of fabric in your sewing room; it is impossible to quickly go and buy a piece of lace or ribbons or fabric. We actually don’t have a fabric store nearby at all. Yes, there is a quilt shop, but not with a selection of fabrics for little dresses and ribbon and lace.

I often shop online as the courier service is fast and reliable. But I love seeing the fabric and touching it and putting it together before I buy

So this weekend we made the big trip over the Southern Alps and went to Christchurch (a three-hour trip one-way) for some bits and pieces I needed to finish some projects and for a couple of new ones I have in mind. It also gave us the opportunity to catch up with our eldest son (who lives in Christchurch) and to have a meal together to celebrate his birthday next week. Luckily there was no snow on the roads and we could get through the pass – apparently it is going to snow this coming week, so this trip was just in time

And I came back with some good stuff:

  • fabric, lace, ribbon, buttons and embroidery yarn for three little smocked dresses, as well as petticoats
  • white and black felt for the Going to the Zoo quilt I am working on
  • fabric for backing and binding of the cat quilt
  • extra buttons
  • thread
  • blade for the rotary cutter


I also needed some batting for the Cat quilt and the Going to the Zoo quilt, but the girl at the shop told me they have a good deal going, they are sold out, but I could order online – instead of buying by the metre. I straight away ordered the batting online, even before I finished my real shopping and saved $100 by ordering it online. It will be delivered this week.

This is going to keep me busy for a while!

Going to the Zoo playmat

Today was a very productive day. I decided on the fabric to use for the Homespun Going to the Zoo playmat, traced all the appliqué shapes for three of the ‘blocks’ onto the HeatnBond feathelight and started with the February block

block 1

I started with the softie for the first block – a little train with bells between the layers


Some way or another I lost the April edition of the Homespun magazine, which includes the third block for the playmat. I searched everywhere but simply cannot find it, even looked under the bed. Luckily I managed to find one online and ordered it – they are out of stock but will get some more the end of the month. So hopefully I can get a copy

Baby dress

I fell in love with this little dress when I first saw it – the pattern, the colour, the ribbon – everything. But the problem is that I still cannot read a pattern when I crochet, I still follow YouTube videos.

Luckily………a happy dance when I found it on YouTube!!!!!!! And it was so quick to crochet


I am also making good progress with the jelly roll quilt – busy attaching the cats to the quilt top, using blanket stitch.


Sewing room and blankets

A couple of weeks ago I moved into my new sewing room – or should I rather say sewing/craft/netflix/reading room 🙂 I absolutely love it. I positioned my sewing machines so that I could see the amazing view (and of course I took the photo in the dark, typical me). I also have a tv to watch netflix or videos, and a couch to relax on (it is not normally covered with completed projects, but that was the original aim of the photos). My favourite books are there, as well as my photography, smocking and craft magazines. Everything I love in one room.


My daughter and her partner are visiting from Canada and when her dad and partner watched rugby  the other day the two of us cuddled up for movies in my sewing room. Her comment? I need a girl room like this

But I actually took the photos to have a record of the quilts, cross stitched baby blankets, crochet fusion quilts and the crocheted blanket I completed the past two years. My daughter will be taking two quilt back to Canada with her, so I quickly snapped a photo

I completed:

  • Three cross-stitched baby afghan blankets, done on Anne cloth and backed with lovely soft fabric. One of these will be gifted to a lovely young couple who are expecting a baby girl in November. I still have one piece of Anne cloth which I hope to start at some stage this year (I just noticed this photo was taken before I add the backing and binding to the third one – but it has been completed since then)

    The three cross-stitched baby blankets
  • Two Crochet Fusion quilts – the first one to learn how to crochet and the second because I loved making the first one and I wanted to do one in blues. I am itching to make a third now in lovely shades of green. Hopefully next year or when I find the perfect fabric, whichever comes first 🙂
  • One Bee-utiful quilt. I embroidered the blocks and added ‘bee’ fabric as sashing, borders and backing. This quilt was quilted by a long-arm quilter and this is one of the two going to Canada. It was designed by Pamela Morgan and I am hoping she will design another one very soon

    Bee-utiful quilt
  • The Splendid Sampler quilt (I only made 50, instead of the 100 blocks). This one is also going to Canada as a present for a good friend of my daughter and her partner. This friend has a 3-year old granddaughter who will apparently ‘love’ this quilt. Who am I to say no

    Splendid Sampler quilt
  • My blue ‘redwork’ embroidered quilt – it was also quilted by a long arm quilter

    Sunbonnet Sue quilt
  • And the crocheted green/blue/white blanket which I backed with supersoft fabric and which is perfect for watching movies on a cold night. It lives on my couch and my cats love it as much as I do

Funny how I tend to start with one project and then make another and another and another – this was my ‘blanket’ period. This year I am very much into knitting and crocheting. I don’t really plan what I want to do, it just seems to happen. But I really want to do another cross-stitch baby afghan blanket, as I have a piece of Anne cloth waiting. I also want to make another Crochet Fusion quilt as I have enough white yarn left for one more and I want it in greens. I also plan to make a ‘cat quilt‘, using jelly rolls – I have ordered the jelly rolls and it should arrive in the next couple of weeks and I bought the fabric for the cats. It is going to be black, with one coloured ball as a contrast – very similar to the quilt below – this is not my work or photo or original idea, but I can’t acknowledge the designer of this quilt as there was no name attached to the photo

cat quilt

And one day I would love to make a rag-quilt, using denim

Recovering mode and needlework

Two weeks after my surgery and I feel so good. I am now at the stage where I have to stop myself from doing things, as I feel so well. It makes me feel guilty not to clean the house and help with the painting, but although the external wounds are healed I have to be conscious of what is going on internally and make sure I give that enough time to heal properly too. So I am still focussing on needlework and resting for the rest of this week

I haven’t work on the Neverending sampler for quite a while and were 9 bands behind. But now I am all caught up again. I didn’t embroider the full last one as designed because I didn’t enjoy doing the little flowers, so did only one row instead of two. Still looks pretty though. (and becoming very hard to photograph)

This is where I was up to ages ago:


And this is where I am now:



I also completed another knitted baby jacket and booties. Going to start on the little hat today. It is a lovely pattern and although it has not been blocked yet I couldn’t resist taking a photo. The little baby girl is arriving in November. It is lovely to knit for a specific baby


And the fabric for my new project has arrived!!!!!!! Can’t wait to start. I have made a Crochet Fusion quilt before but decided to make another one in blues. I might make this one a little bigger too


This is the one I have made already: