Before totally moving into quilting mode I made a couple of dresses this week. One for a friend who gave me the fabric. And the other just because I felt like it. I have one more already pleated, ready to be smocked

For the blue dress I combined smocking, beads, buttons and the embroidery machine. Love how it turned out

Not totally in love with this one, but I think it came out ok. Hope my friend will be happy with it

Winter is here and poor Mollie is cold. She threw out fabric to make room for herself in the bookcase I use for my fabric



Um, um and yep, nope, maybe………

I embroidered a pair of booties to go with a little romper, for a pregnant friend. After lots of umming and yep and nope I decided I wasn’t 100% happy with those and embroidered a new set of booties this weekend

These are the first ones, but I decided it wasn’t done well enough to be gifted


Now I am happy and the set will be gifted to the pregnant mum this weekend. These are the new booties and they are perfect!


I have smocked for a very long time and still enjoy doing it. Wish I knew years ago how well the smocking and the embroidery done on the embroidery machine would compliment each other

Busy smocking weeks

The weather has been quite miserable here, with lots of rain, and it is getting cold. I am also still (trying) toilet-training a puppy and therefore decided to just spend time in the sewing room which allowed me to keep a close eye on her

One of the students I taught about 10 years ago is expecting a little baby boy and I made some rompers so that I can give her one for the new baby. I had enough fabric for four rompers and decided to use all the fabric, instead of saving the rest for another day


I’ve had my eye on a specific smocking plate for a long time and decided it is time to use it on white batiste fabric. It was supposed to be a little dress but the fabric decided it wanted to be a top, with pink under it. I love the little flowers on the smocking, it is such a dainty little top

The toilet training is very hard!!!!! I have to remind myself she is still a baby and to be patient. But personally I think people of a certain age should not be allowed new puppies. She is such a bright, sweet little thing and although she doesn’t understand about going outside if needed, she can ‘sit’ and ‘come’ on command



Knitting (what??????)

It is no secret that knitting is not something I enjoy very much, but every single winter I take out the knitting needles and knit – and the moment I cast on the stitches I think ‘why on earth am I doing this again?’

Yes, I bought wool. It wasn’t an impulse buy. It was carefully planned and I even made a list. What is wrong with me???????

This is what I bought. And the colour combination looks a bit weird but I am actually planning two little cardigans. No, not one…….TWO!

I am also planning a new smocking project, something I have never done before, but it should be fun. I have the fabric for the dress and I also sorted the fabric for the butterfly wings. Now just have to pleat, tie it off and smock. At the moment I am planning to change the flowers on the waist to a ribbon with embroidered lace butterflies but I will decide as I make the dress.

fairy dress

We are still battling with the toilet training of the new puppy. It is hard work and I am not sure we are very successful yet. I am doing everything Mr Google told me to do……but as I say, no success yet. She is, once again, nameless as we decided she is not really a Bonnie and the name didn’t suit her at all. I call her Gogga in the meantime (which means bug)


Fabric drama

A fabric designer asked me to make a dress with her new fabric for a photoshoot. All good, of course I’ll do it. Especially when she said she’ll pay me in fabric ๐Ÿ™‚ And the fabric delivered to me was absolutely gorgeous


I always wash and iron fabric before using it, and did the same with this fabric. I was a bit concerned when I took it out of the washing machine as it was very stiff. But it dried beautifully soft. This was the first time I worked with rayon and fell in love the moment I took that soft cloud of fabric off the washing line

Pleating time – new needles in the pleater, I even pleated a piece of wax paper to make sure the needles were smooth. Rolled it up and started feeding it through the pleater……..oh dear, within the first centimetre the first needle broke. About four others starting bending up. I stopped, replaced the needles, tried again. No luck, the pleater hated the fabric and there was no way I could pleat it

I knew I had iron-on dots somewhere in my stash, about 40 years old as it was leftovers my mum used. I have never used iron-on dots, ever. I have never hand-pleated fabric either. Luckily the dots were still fine and ironed on without a problem


It took me hours and hours to hand pleat 14 rows for smocking, the density of the fabric hindered the needle (although sharp and new) and it wasn’t easy at all

But, in the end, I had it pleated and could smock. ย The dress has been made and I am actually quite happy with it, will send it to the designer on Monday. There is still some fabric left, but it won’t be used for smocking ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope she is happy with the dress. The fabric is so pretty

Our new little pup came home today. I love puppy breath, their clumsiness and playfulness. We couldn’t decide on her name, but after a few hours Bonnie stuck.