Scavenge Challenge

The challenge this month was Chocolate! I loved having an excuse to buy chocolate

CHOCOLATE! It can be in any form: chocolate bars, cookies, milk or whatever, but your image must feature chocolate (“feature” as in “have it be the main subject of the photo,” NOT “have a little piece of chocolate over there in the corner of a picture of your pet”). Photo collage must include one or more of each of the following, 9-16 images total:

1) Chocolate bar imprinted with brand name
2) More than one type of chocolate product in the same image
3) A “fill-the-frame” shot
4) Chocolate in black-and-white or other monochrome

SC August 2017


Tuesday already!

Sewing and needlework has been slow this past week as my son, who lives in Hong Kong, came for a quick visit. It was wonderful to have him here. We didn’t do much, just relaxed and did some sightseeing. I worked on the crochet baby blanket and is making good progress with it. About 18 rows left and then 3 rows for the border

I took him back to Christchurch Sunday so that he could catch a flight home on Sunday. I love having my children home

When I arrived home yesterday I was quite tired, it is a long drive over the Southern Alps and you have to concentrate even more than on a normal road. It was also snowing lightly when I came over the mountain. So instead of being active I sat down and started to crochet the bodice of a little dress I wanted to make. It wen very fast and this morning I completed the dress. It is lovely



I live on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, and although this is the biggest town on the West Coast, it is sometimes impossible to buy everything you need/want here. You can’t wake up in the morning and decide to sew something, unless of course you have a big stash of fabric in your sewing room; it is impossible to quickly go and buy a piece of lace or ribbons or fabric. We actually don’t have a fabric store nearby at all. Yes, there is a quilt shop, but not with a selection of fabrics for little dresses and ribbon and lace.

I often shop online as the courier service is fast and reliable. But I love seeing the fabric and touching it and putting it together before I buy

So this weekend we made the big trip over the Southern Alps and went to Christchurch (a three-hour trip one-way) for some bits and pieces I needed to finish some projects and for a couple of new ones I have in mind. It also gave us the opportunity to catch up with our eldest son (who lives in Christchurch) and to have a meal together to celebrate his birthday next week. Luckily there was no snow on the roads and we could get through the pass – apparently it is going to snow this coming week, so this trip was just in time

And I came back with some good stuff:

  • fabric, lace, ribbon, buttons and embroidery yarn for three little smocked dresses, as well as petticoats
  • white and black felt for the Going to the Zoo quilt I am working on
  • fabric for backing and binding of the cat quilt
  • extra buttons
  • thread
  • blade for the rotary cutter


I also needed some batting for the Cat quilt and the Going to the Zoo quilt, but the girl at the shop told me they have a good deal going, they are sold out, but I could order online – instead of buying by the metre. I straight away ordered the batting online, even before I finished my real shopping and saved $100 by ordering it online. It will be delivered this week.

This is going to keep me busy for a while!

‘Going to the zoo’ playmat

Another productive fews days and two of the eight blocks completed


The train and little penguins are softies which can be moved around. Inside the train I have a little bell, and squeakers inside the little penguins. The penguins also have blobs of velcro on their backs, with the fish having velcro for eyes and the penguins can therefore be stuck onto the fish

The next step is to add some batting/wadding to the back of each and quilt each block. This is quite time consuming as I am hand stitching all the appliqué, with blanket stitch. I have a very basic sewing machine which can only sew straight and zig-zag 🙂