Dolls clothes

I have quite a lot of off-cuts which cannot be used for dresses, not even for a baby, and decided to use some of it by making clothes for an 18″ doll, similar to the American Dolls. I am actually hoping to make more and then sell it (not sure how that will work as I have never sold anything I’ve made). Because I am planning to sell the clothes I took extra care to work very neat and tidy, which also meant I used the iron more than when I make dresses for little girls

It is funny that it took me forever to make the little bow for the polka dot/striped dress 🙂



September Scavenger challenge

The September challenge was all about fruit and vegetables, which should have been easy for photos. But my camera decided not to do its part and I have been struggling to get usable photos, or photos good enough for a challenge. I first thought it was the lens, but the camera played up with different lenses – it seems as if it is getting stuck and not focussing. I love macro photography but even that didn’t work well.

The challenge:

In September, we’re going to explore vegetables and fruits! This will also give you some practice in the creation of classic still lifes, so please devote some of your efforts to making pleasing arrangements of them while incorporating objects such as vases, books, candlesticks and the like into your images. Bear in mind that this is not mandatory EXCEPT AS SPECIFIED in the requirements below.

Your fruit/vegetable collage should include 9-16 images. Requirements may be doubled up (i.e., you could have a black-and-white classic still life), but each requirement must be represented in the collage. September’s fruit/veg selection must contain:

1) Black-and-white image
2) Classic still life (think of the French/Dutch painters who arranged fruits with vases, pottery, books, candlesticks, etc. and try to imitate them)
3) A fruit sliced in half on its length (e.g., a pear or an orange cut in two)
4) A salad (fruit or veg)
5) An image taken in portrait orientation

My collage:


Tidying the sewing room – as if

After doing quite a bit of sewing I had a very messy sewing room – I don’t tidy while I am busy with a specific project. Jumped in and started sorting it on Thursday and in the process had to put some smocking magazines back on the shelf, but had a quick look through when I had a coffee. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!! Saw these two little dresses and wanted to make them immediately. And here they are – both just need buttonholes and buttons, but otherwise they are all done. The first one is very small as it will fit a new born, the second one for a 2-year old. The sewing room is still a mess


Knitting, sewing and cake

This week I prepared more little dresses to be smocked as I still feel like smocking and sewing. You can’t see all of them, but there are seven on this pile. Just have to pleat, smock and make 🙂


I also knitted a jacket and booties for a little boy who was born on Sunday.


But then I was a bit bored last night and knitted a bonnet, which means it is now for a little girl. Will have to knit another set for the little boy


The pattern for the toiletries bag has been saved on my desktop for a very long time – when I found some iron-on vinyl I decided it is time to try it out. Don’t think I’ll make it again, it is so much easier to buy pretty ones in the shops

And my favourite of the week? Chocolate cake




Dresses all made!

I’ve had a very productive week and I love all the little dresses and the two little rompers – but I don’t want to see another buttonhole or button for a very long time. But it is lovely to look back and see what I have done this week, instead of the normal cleaning and cooking (have to admit – I have done NO cleaning this week!). I took a quick photo before the one little romper went to a mum-to-be who is expecting a little boy


I have about another 8 bits of fabric already smocked but will leave it for a little while before making the dresses. The sewing room is a big mess after all the sewing and that will have to be cleaned first. And then the rest of the house 😦

Let’s cook chutney!

I have been threatening to make chutney for weeks now, even bought the ingredients ages ago. Yesterday I decided it is time and prepared the fruit for the chutney, as it had to soak in vinegar overnight

And this morning I cooked it. Bit of a bite. Tip of the day – do not smock while cooking chutney……it might have a little bit of a burnt taste (the chutney, not the smocking)