SAL update

Here we are again! Time is flying. Since the last update I have made good progress with the SAL – the black cross-stitch diamonds with a touch of colour. These Connie Gee designs are really pretty and she already started a mini SAL again, but at this stage I want to finish all my projects, instead of starting with another new one

This is where I was with the previous update:


And this is where I am now:

cross stitch

I am considering adding a fabric border (quite wide) and backing so that I can use it on my lounge coffee table. As it is it is just too small. And I do like the black with a little bit of colour. If I use fabric I will try to find blue-ish fabric, to go with the blue wall in my lounge. Might make a couple of cushions too (and here I go again, just when I decided NO MORE new projects!!!!!!). But I don’t feel very attached to this piece yet, not sure whether I want to keep it – I liked it until I saw the updated photo and now I’m not sure. It looks better in real life 🙂

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Bee-utiful quilt

I dropped the Bee-utiful quilt off at the long-arm quilter on Sunday and was told it will take 4 – 5 weeks. Well, guess what, it is finished! I picked it up this morning. And I am delighted, it is absolutely beautiful

Now for the binding. After watching some YouTube videos and reading a few blogs I decided I would like to try flanged binding; with the binding black and just a narrow little stripe of yellow between the quilt and black binding. And I found a very clear tutorial on a blog written by sewfreshquilts

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Mollie claimed this quilt from the very beginning when the first fabric arrived. And that is exactly what she did today when I put the quilt down



No blocking station/block or whatever it is called? No worries, just use a polystyrene cooler with a lid. I have not finished crocheting the border around the blocks for the High Tea Crochet Fusion Quilt, but was keen to try out the blocking process, thinking that I could start stitching blocks together in pairs and then fours.  It is going to take  along time for me to finish the crocheting and then the border all around the quilt, but I am impatient and want to see what some of it will look like. And it means I don’t just have to crochet, but can alternate between stitching the blanket stitch around each block, crocheting and now blocking and joining

This is going to be such a lovely quilt!


Baby blanket completed!

Last year I went through a stage where I cross-stitched baby blankets, using stitch-able afghan cloth. I cross-stitched three, but only finished the last one this past week when I added the backing and binding. I am sure this is the type of needlework I want to do again

Third baby blanket all done!

This year the craze is quilting, wonder what it will be next year 🙂

Sinus infection and quilting

I am, once again, sick! It feels as if someone sneezes next to me and I am the one catching the bug immediately. As if my body is part of the olympic team and not missing a bug ball

This time a sinus-infection. I have been blaming my headaches on the stress at work, but on Monday my whole head was hurting – face, eyes, top of my head, my brain…..everything. Saw the doctor and he gave me a cocktail of pills; from antibiotics to steroids to painkillers and histamine. I came home with the whole pharmacy. A day later and I am still waiting for the antibiotics to kick in

Borders added

But I also completed the last blocks for the Bee-utiful quilt and added the borders. As I am a total beginner I simply don’t want to risk making a mess of the quilting, or spoil the work I have done and made an appointment to see a long-arm quilter. We had a quick chat and she patiently answered my stupid questions. I am taking the backing and quilt top in on Sunday and we’ll talk about the batting and the custom quilt. I don’t want anything complicated, just something simple. But I will listen to her advise and make a decision then. For someone who can be very impatient I already worry about waiting 8 weeks for it to be quilted 🙂

What a lovely project this was. And I am so happy to tell others about it – a friend at school has started hers this week after I took mine to school on Monday for a show-and-tell