Pre-wash or not?

I am still deciding whether to pre-wash the fabric or not. Posted a question on a crafts forum and so far everyone is saying: WASH! Not really what I wanted to hear. I am thinking I am using only blues, except for the little bit of white in the flowered fabric; it is going on a bed but it is the spare bedroom and only used by Bella, the cat.

Bella, the Birman


I took some time yesterday to go through the book and picked the blocks I am going to make. In all honesty, I am picking the ones which look the easiest to make……no curved seams, no funny and complicated joining of bits. I also wrote down the number of colours required for each block and more or less decided which fabric for which block. I also now use a new word – prepping. Which means I’ll be cutting the bits and pieces for the blocks before sewing? I thought I’ll cut the fabric for each block and put it in a plastic bag, with the name of the block, to keep them separate and ready for sewing

I am also planning to start with the blocks consisting off two colours to start with, then move on to three and four coloured blocks. Lots of planning happening here!

In the meantime I am also working on my cross-stitch project – an afghan baby blanket. At work we have a group doing needlework during lunchtime on a Monday, and this is my 2015 Monday project. Though I am cheating a bit and working on it at home as well

Cross-stitch baby blanket