First SAL update for 2017

Happy New Year everyone! May 2017 be the best ever

My life: packing, packing, packing. The moving date is coming closer and my house is full of packed and empty boxes. I have dozens of lists. This is a great time, I actually love packing 🙂

Of course I make time for stitching – at this stage I am finishing of my Pumpkin Passport cross stitch project….nearly there. The other one is the Neverending Sampler. I love the different stitches and it is so relaxing to do a row at a time when you want to take a break from packing.

This is where I was at the previous SAL update:


This is where I am now:


Here is my Pumpkin Passport – now just to finish it off as a table runner. I quite like it 🙂


We have also been away on holiday, booking a bach in Tauranga (for the non-Kiwis….a ‘bach’ is basically a holiday home. In the past it was called a bachelor pad, we now call it a bach) While I was away a lovely lady looked after my cats by popping in once a day to play with them, clean the litter trays and feed them. She is amazing and the cats absolutely love her. It is also assuring to know the cats are safely at home and looked after. But the youngest, Mollie, can be nervous and shy and doesn’t like her life to be scary. She stressed (or was it revenge because I left her?) and she decided to pee on the carpet (behind the litter tray). I have washed the carpet but as we all know, cat-pee cannot be washed out. Or the smell at least. Which is causing a bit of a problem as I will be renting my house out for the year and I cannot have a tenant moving into a smelly house. Luckily the carpet man is coming to my rescue and he will be replacing that part of the carpet two days before I move. I love the notes the Byndie leaves, basically a summary of the visits. I read through them like a proud mum


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