Recovering mode and needlework

Two weeks after my surgery and I feel so good. I am now at the stage where I have to stop myself from doing things, as I feel so well. It makes me feel guilty not to clean the house and help with the painting, but although the external wounds are healed I have to be conscious of what is going on internally and make sure I give that enough time to heal properly too. So I am still focussing on needlework and resting for the rest of this week

I haven’t work on the Neverending sampler for quite a while and were 9 bands behind. But now I am all caught up again. I didn’t embroider the full last one as designed because I didn’t enjoy doing the little flowers, so did only one row instead of two. Still looks pretty though. (and becoming very hard to photograph)

This is where I was up to ages ago:


And this is where I am now:



I also completed another knitted baby jacket and booties. Going to start on the little hat today. It is a lovely pattern and although it has not been blocked yet I couldn’t resist taking a photo. The little baby girl is arriving in November. It is lovely to knit for a specific baby


And the fabric for my new project has arrived!!!!!!! Can’t wait to start. I have made a Crochet Fusion quilt before but decided to make another one in blues. I might make this one a little bigger too


This is the one I have made already:



Different projects

I decided to take stock of the projects I am working on. This is similar to reading – I am always reading about five books at a time, because I like reading what I feel like at that moment. Same with needlework, it is much more fun to be able to pick and choose what I feel like. But when I am close to finishing a project I am normally quite keen to get it done.

Yesterday I made two bags. I have a friend who is always knitting for everyone. I can’t remember her ever knitting something for herself. She carries her knitting around in a supermarket plastic bag. So I made her a bag. I made myself one as well, because I can never leave my knitting or crochet on the table – the cats think it is for them and will carry the wool around. I also have one more bag cut out and ready to sew

I don’t really enjoy knitting much, but every now and then I feel like it. I knitted a baby jacket, just needs buttons and then it is done. Then started another one this week, as I really liked the pattern. All the pieces have been knitted, just have to start sewing together and do the neck and front bands. I have some wool left over and might knit some bootees to go with both when I am done. The baby jackets will be finished this week as I am so close now. Actually quite proud of myself for knitting these


I cannot crochet, so decided it is time to learn. And when I found this beautiful High Tea Crochet Fusion Quilt tutorial I knew that was the perfect way to learn. It is so beautiful and a whole  production process. I have some blocks sewed together, just need to be turned inside out. On others I have to do the blanket stitches and I also finished the crochet on six already. It is a fun project and I am enjoying every minute

Crochet fusion quilt

I am doing the Splendid Sampler quilt. Pat Sloan releases two blocks a week and this quilt-a-long will continue until January 2017. I am actually up to date with the blocks and bonus blocks, except for the one which came out on Friday, as I was sewing the bags and didn’t have time to do this block. I am also adding borders as I complete the blocks and will start the hand-quilting soon. This is a fun project and I am learning so much

The other quilt-a-long/embroidery I am participating in the Bee-utiful Quilt-a-long. Block 6 was released yesterday and I will embroider it tomorrow. Block 7 will be released later today and this will also be done this week. (It is Sunday here today and I don’t do any needlework on Sundays – something I inherited from my mum and the way I was brought up.) This QAL finishes in August, and then the quilt will be assembled and quilted. Love this project so much!

Bee-utiful QAL

On Mondays, during lunchtimes, a group of us meet at work and do needlework. Some of us knit, others crochet. I usually do embroidery or smocking. My current Monday-project is a Sunbonnet Sue quilt. I plan to embroider 6 blocks and then sew the quilt and the progress is good. I am really itching to finish this and it is sometimes very tempting to work on the Monday-project at home too. My past projects were cross-stitch afghan blankets and I just have to add the binding for the last one – which means I completed three since last year by working on it during lunch time once a week. Love these, they are so beautiful, although I really have to give it a good ironing

Sunbonnet Sue quilt

When I feel like working on small, but quick projects I smock little vests for babies and embroider bibs – these are fun and easy baby-shower presents to use as and when needed. Just gave away a few of these and must get some more done soon. I also have a few pairs of frilly socks and I want to embroider little roses on these

And then my main hobby – smocking. I love smocking baby dresses and love giving it away to mums or dads who do not expect it. I usually smock several and then make the dresses as I need them. Or spend a holiday making dresses. At this stage I have quite a few smocked and will start binge sewing dresses very soon 🙂


And another big project which I want to have finished before December is the Sylvia’s Bridal sampler from the Elm Creek books. I have 7 more blocks to finish and then I can start assembling and quilting. This was started last year in April, after I saw a friend’s blocks. I hope to visit my daughter in Canada the end of this year and plan to take it with me as a present for her

Elm Creek quilts

A lot of sewing happening at the moment, but it makes me happy. Work is stressful and I am still struggling to get over the breast-cancer journey – this took a lot out of me, physically and emotionally; with the emotional issues of this journey being very difficult and ‘up-and -down’, and hard to handle. This is such a horrible disease and I never thought it could affect someone this much, until I was diagnosed with it. My biggest desire at this stage is to be healthy again, physically and mentally, and to get my energy back. I often feel a sense of rush to finish all the projects I am currently working on, to tidy up before starting anything new. And that is where I am with my life at the moment. Thank goodness for needlework!