Am I crazy or am I crazy?

Started two new projects since yesterday – yes, two in two days! What on earth is wrong with me?

After finishing the lovely little cardigan the other day I was tempted to try another one. But I suppose………who can blame me? Both are so pretty

The one I finished last week:


The one I started yesterday:


Isn’t it just delightful? I also found this cross stitch in the Homespun magazine (May issue) and couldn’t resist:


So during a break from knitting today I gathered everything I needed and made a start 🙂


Sunbonnet Sue sashing done

I like what I see!!!!! Sashing has been done for the Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Now just to be quilted (the embroidered blocks are all the same fabric, although the light when I took the photo changed it). The backing is blue with white dots and this will be used for the binding too

Sunbonnet Sue quilt top

Sunbonnet Sue

Every Monday at lunchtime, a group of us meet at school. We embroider, knit, crochet, smock- whatever we feel like doing. Sometimes we just chat and have lunch. This year I am working on a Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Instead of doing it in red, I have been embroidering the blocks in blue. So far I finished four blocks, number 5 will be finished tomorrow and then I’ll start on the last one.

Because I am so close to finishing I have been thinking of the fabric to finish the quilt. The local fabric shop have a sale at the moment (40% off all fabric) and I went to look. But I couldn’t find anything I really loved in the quilting section

Had a look at the cotton fabric, but again nothing. Then I walked past the denim!!!!! And there it was……..exactly what I was looking for. The fabric came home with me. I’ll wash it a few times to make sure it doesn’t run and then start assembling the blocks I have finished. I am one very happy quilter today

Sunbonnet Sue quilt fabric

Embroidering in pyjamas!

Embroidering in PJ’s is NOT a good idea. I now have two holes in my PJ pants as I caught it while embroidering and didn’t notice until quite a few stitches later – no way was I prepared to unpick, was easier to cut it free. And I did this twice!

But when I embroider I have a supervisor, checking out everything. And catching the thread every now and then



Holiday needlework

I love school holidays – it means needlework, relaxing, reading, sleeping in and blobbing on the couch! Finished more Splendid Sampler blocks, embroidered block 1 of 6 for a quilted blanket and finished a smocked dress!

More Splendid Sampler blocks
Embroidered block
Smocked dress for a 1 year-old
Close-up of the smocking