Aches and pains

The cats and I are slowly settling into the new environment, with the cats absolutely enjoying the huge space they can explore. I find them sleeping in new places every day. There are still heaps of boxes to unpack- I love the packing part but struggle a bit with unpacking. At this stage my goal is at least one box a day

The house is a bit of a disaster zone as there was a flood on the ground floor when the hot water cylinder decided to do more than just leak. The carpet will have to be replaced in three rooms. This is a good opportunity to paint the rooms and replace the curtains. It will be fresh and new downstairs

I have to say it is lovely to cook for another person again, and to sit and enjoy a meal together. I think both of us had enough of eating alone in front of the television and I am setting the table for us. It is really nice

For the past few months I have been struggling with aches and pains – mostly in my feet and legs, but sometimes also my arms. I struggle to walk when I get up in the morning, or after sitting down or standing up too long. At times my arms hurt and I can’t lift them very high, or there is just a general feeling of weakness. But my feet are the bigger problem as I seem to be shuffling a bit at times, as if I am a very unfit old woman. Which I am not! I have also been struggling with fatigue, which started during radiation treatment, and it still continues – I seem to need to recharge at the most unexpected times, sometimes even very soon after getting up in the morning. This is all very frustrating and I am very tempted to stop using the medication which I have to use for the next 5 years (or 4.5 now) as it seems everything I feel could be a side-effect of the Letrole/Letrozole I am using to treat the breast cancer – it is suppose to prevent the cancer from growing again. I don’t think this is the quality of life I want for the next few years. I hope to see the breast surgeon or oncologist soon for a follow-up and will discuss this with them

When I feel sore or tired I now sit back and give my body a bit of a break, and I do cross stitch or work on my High Tea Crochet Fusion Quilt. I did the blanket-stitching around four blocks last week and crocheted the border for these four blocks today (that is why I have such a sore arm at the moment). I have now finished about 12 of the 36 squares and will spend some time from now on to complete the blanket-stitch for the rest of the squares and have them ready to crochet. Because I am not very patient I have also started joining some of the blocks 🙂 This is such a pretty project and can n0t wait to see it done, but it will take another couple of months (or more) to complete (Just noticed I started this on my birthday last year. Really going to try and finish it before my next birthday)



One thought on “Aches and pains”

  1. I hope that the decrease in stress will soon have you feeling recharged! And don’t forget moving, even a good move , as this is, still creates a lot of stress, so be patient with yourself! The blocks look like the makings of a very nice project!

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