Not a happy ‘chappy’

By lack of a female word rhyming with ‘happy’ I will just call myself ‘chappy’ today. This was not a good week – I developed an infection in my belly button 😦 I knew this was going to happen, I had a gut feeling and luckily (because of this gut feeling) I have been keeping a close eye on my belly button

It all happened when the nurse removed my stitches a week after surgery. She did great and it was a painless procedure. But the next day I noticed she didn’t see the second stitch in my belly button. I went back the next day and asked them to remove it. But I was seen by someone else who told me the stitch will dissolve and not to worry about it. I questioned this as the surgeon told me to get the stitches removed. Was told that permanent stitches are blue and the dissolvable ones brownish (like the one I had). I decided to take her word for it and let it go.

But of course I came home and googled ‘stitches’ and according to what I read stitches can be lots of different colours. And that is when my gut feeling told me we are going to have a potential problem. And yes, it happened. It was stressful when I noticed the infection, because I immediately worried that a bug could get in and cause the infection to spread. So back to the nurse I went two days ago

She managed to remove the stitch and clean up the infection, took a swab to be analysed just in case I needed antibiotics. But I am grateful to say the infection cleared and it seems as if it is under control. I was tempted to take photos of my belly button but decided that could be a bit creepy πŸ™‚

I am seeing my surgeon next week for a follow-up after the surgery and I hope to have a very healthy and healed belly button by then. But this just reminded me again to trust that gut feeling we all have. Say something if you think it needs to be said, stand up for yourself, look after yourself!!!!!

Oh……….and I am knitting again. Saw this lovely little cardigan and just had to give it a try. Downloaded the pattern to my laptop, bought the wool and buttons and ribbon today and started immediately. I have said before that I really don’t like knitting. I still feel the same, but I do it again and again and again. It will be worth the effort though…….it looks so pretty on the pattern


New sewing room

Between my health issues and the catio we have been painting Β the house. My bedroom and one of the spare bedrooms were done in a rush, to be ready after my surgery as I was in another room, but not close to the shower and up the stairs. I thought it would be easier to be downstairs and close to the shower after surgery. The carpet layer did us a huge favour and sorted the carpet out for these two rooms on his ‘off’ day and I moved in before surgery. Since then we have been working on the room I want to use for needlework/sewing/netflix. Today we finished the painting off the room and the carpet man will be here on Wednesday. And then I have a sewing room!!!!!!

I cannot wait. It has an amazing view over the sea and the beautiful West Coast sunsets. When I took a break today during painting I started looking at the layout and where I’ll put my sewing machines. Originally I thought in a corner, but realised today that it will mean I am not facing the beautiful view. The best might be to turn the sewing table the other way around and sit with my back to the wall, facing the window. I can see a lot of moving of furniture happening before the room will be to my satisfaction πŸ™‚


Something I definitely want in this room is a place to hang/display the little smocked dresses I make, instead of hanging them in a wardrobe somewhere. I love looking at these little dresses. I also want something to display the few quilts I’ve made

As I don’t want to spend money and use what is available in the house I thought I’ll use two student desks (the children used these to study when they still lived at home) pushed together to create one big cutting table. And I can store all the cutting tools in the drawers

Exciting! I can’t wait to move in

In the meantime I have made good progress with my Crochet Fusion quilt by finishing 12 of the 36 blocks. I blocked it and joined the blocks already. This week I’ll try and finish at least 6 more. I do love working on this quilt. (I should really hang it to get a proper photo, instead of on the table which makes all the blocks look distorted)


With all the painting and needlework I was too busy (lazy?) to fold the clean towels and dishcloths and simply popped them on the table to be folded later (on top of my crochet fusion quilt blocks). Mollie thought I did it especially for her and she didn’t move from her bed of towels the whole day



With a lot of time on my hands I have made great progress with the Crochet Fusion Quilt blocks. All have been stitched and I am doing the blanket stitching as I go. Blocked the first eight finished blocks today and I am actually considering stitching the first six together – there will be six blocks in a row. I enjoy working on this project